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With the advent of computers, social media and instant access, everyone has the opportunity to voice their opinions, and do so quickly. I, of course, try to take advantage of that each and every day. But I am always fascinated by the ability of some people, or trends, or ideas to be elevated without any merit or talent. Of course, Kim Kardashian comes to mind first, with her two nitwit sisters following right behind her, but  I do have to give them credit for being masters of marketing. Kudos to them. Here now is my list of things and people and books and movies and ideas that I simply do not understand how they have managed to become popular. Feel free to comment and/or add your own.

I don’t get Bradley Cooper.

I don’t get Catcher in the Rye.

I don’t get Stanley Kubrick. I liked the Shining, but even Stephen King hated it. The rest of it is crap.

I don’t get why people outside of Dallas love the Cowboys.

I don’t get why people outside of NY hate Jeter.

I don’t get Pulp Fiction, or anything Tarentino ever did.

I don’t get Clooney either.

I don’t get why people were rooting for O.J even though they knew he was guilty.

I don’t get why people hate Sean Penn’s movies because of his politics.

I don’t get why magazines have “Most beautiful” issues. It’s the DNA lottery for god’s sake. It’s not like it’s an accomplishment.

I don’t get why people actually purchase the “Most Beautiful” issue. Do they expect to find themselves in it?

I don’t get why people who don’t own guns are so passionate about their support for the 2nd amendment.

I don’t get why people who can’t have babies (i.e Men) are so passionate about their position for/against abortion rights.

I don’t get why a bomb that emits a horrible gas that chokes people to death in a violent manner is somehow worse that a bomb that simply blows them into pieces.

I don’t get why modern-day Republicans love Ronald Reagan.

I don’t get why women love shoes that are obviously uncomfortable.

Actually, I don’t get why women love shoes.

And lastly, I don’t get why people disagree with me, when I’m obviously always right.

Then again, if someone else wrote that, I’d disagree just because it’s more fun to disagree.


Have a great Monday folks.