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The James McAllen Blog

Bad Cats

As my regular readers already know, I came into this marriage with two, well-behaved, older cats. My wife supplied two, barely house-broken, teenaged tax deductions. Together, we formed the dysfunctional Brady Bunch.It was a happy family. Eventually, life moves on,...

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Dream… Until your dreams come true

Being born in 1965 to a lifelong Yankee fan, I grew up under the specter of the legendary Mickey Mantle. By the time I was ready to go to my first game, Mantle had retired, but his shadow still hung over the team, and the stories of his athletic feats grew larger with...

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Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Things weren’t great growing up. Dad took a leave of absence from his responsibilities for a time, and mom… well, mom was overwhelmed. Depression runs rampant in my bloodline, so for the better part of two years, we basically lived in my Grandmother’s apartment on...

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Riley and the Kittens

Legend has it that she was a 9/11 survivor, found as a kitten, along with her brother Mackey, in Battery Park City shortly after the dust settled, abandoned or orphaned by a mother cat who may have perished in the attacks. It was probably just a story made up by the...

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Buster and Bella

It always starts out in an inauspicious manner. You meet someone new, and they wind up changing your entire world. In this case, the “someone new” is a Russian Blue named Buster. A few weeks ago, my wife noticed a new addition among the backyard denizens that includes...

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Zack, Me and Split Rock Road

He sets his alarm for 4am, but much like the 9-year-old still living deep inside him, he wakes up at 2:30, and can’t fall back to sleep. So rather than toss and turn, he slips quietly from his bed, and heads downstairs in the dark. After cruising the news sites for an...

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