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Divorce: American Style

Divorce is an ugly word. It’s never pretty. Even when the parties involved are so toxic to each other that both can only benefit from separation, it still winds up causing pain to those around them. Divorce: in latin, it’s divortium — essentially it means — to divide....

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Best Day of My Life

My Wedding day was one of my favorite days.So was the day I got my first promo copy of Split Rock Road.When the Giants beat the 18–0 Patriots was a good day too.So were all the Yankee WS victories in my lifetime (7 at this writing).My first kiss was a good day.Walking...

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Turn and cough, sir.

One of the great indignities of moving into your fifties is the onset of a never-ending series of unexplained aches and pains, accompanied by a litany of snaps, crackles and pops to go with it. A cacophony of sound to add to the frustration of having to deal with the...

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A Well Regulated Militia,

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” That’s the 2nd amendment of the US Constitution. It basically gives any US citizen the right to own a firearm for a...

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Rock and Roll Date Night

20 MonthsThat’s a long time to be away from the things you love. Your friends, family, movies, etc.  We’ve all had this same, shared experience. Some of us have had it worst than others; some have lost loved ones, some have lost jobs, some people got sick...

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Tolerance. It’s an interesting concept. Basically, it means “live and let live”, despite any objections you might have.  This is the actual dictionary definition —  I’ve tried to live my life by this principle, I’ve always defended everyone’s right to believe...

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