The Jefferson Party

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Sometimes I get bored. Sometimes my mind wanders to funny places. Yesterday, as I was experimenting with my new MAC Book, I decided to run for office. Not sure which office, but I decided to run anyway. Now, given my lack of education, my sordid past, my shakey present, my complete lack of ambition, and the fact that I don’t even have enough extra cash for the filing fees, I couldn’t possibly run for dog catcher in an all cat town. Be that as it may, I started a new political party. It’s called the Jefferson Party. Named after George Jefferson.  OK, Just kidding.  Here is our platform. If anyone wants to join, send a check to me….   Jim McAllen

The Jefferson party platform:

  •  Adults should have the right to marry whomever they choose.
  • Women have the right to decide what to do with their bodies. I should not have to pay for it.
  • Officers of the federal government should be restricted by term limits.

–          18 year for Senators (3 terms)

–          10 years for congressman  (5 terms)

–           20 Years for Supreme Court Justices and Federal Appeals judges.

–          No Cabinet Secretary or undersecretary can serve for more than 6 years.

  • We support restructuring the Electoral College to reward winners of congressional districts, rather than the states themselves.


  • There should be a clear division between church and state.

–          Religion should be taught in churches. Science should be taught in schools. Creationism is not a science.

–          Tax dollars should not be used to subsidize religious organizations.

–          This is a secular nation and its laws and doctrines should reflect that.


  • The federal government should not be spending 60% more than it takes in.
  • The tax code should be reformed to a flat tax with only 2 deductions:

–     Charitable deductions and Mortgage interest.

  • All farm subsidies shall be eliminated.
  • All foreign aid shall be eliminated.
  • The US military should only be used to defend the United States. All wars on foreign soil should be terminated immediately.
  • The overall Budget of the US federal government should be reduced 2% per year until the budget is balanced and the national debt is eliminated.
  • We support research into Embryonic Stem Cell testing.
  • We support research into all methods of alternative energy.
  • We believe in the US constitution, but acknowledge that it is a living document with flaws that needs to be amended from time to time to meet the changing times.


One thought on “The Jefferson Party

  1. The cost of Soda and Snacks inside a Movie Theater or Sports Venue will be equal to outside of the Event space or Movie Theater ..Bottled Water 1.50
    Popcorn 2.00
    Hot Dog 3.00 and so on ..
    Also 4 day work week ..If you add these to your Platform ..I will be movin on Up with The Jefferson Party ..

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