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So the Mayans may have been wrong about the date, but we certainly are near the end times. And technology is the reason.
Yesterday, as I traveled to work on the PATH train. I was blessed by the opportunity to witness the end first hand. As I sat down, next to a pre-fab Asian hipster in skinny jeans and a checkered pea cap, I looked over and saw that he was watching something on his mobile device.

Now, I love watching youtube videos of cats that flush toilets as much as the next guy, but this nimrod was watching a video of… Pen-spinning…
Yes, Pen-spinning.
Somehow people have made a sport out of what people do while waiting for their next thought to happen by, and this clown was watching videos of it. Hipster boy was wasting his idle time by watching how other people waste their idle time. And to top it all off, now I was wasting my idle time, watching him. I did mange to resist the urge to scream READ A BOOK, before elbowing him on the bridge of his nose, but that’s only because I’ve mastered the art of Zen. Or I’m afraid of prison and lawsuits. One or the other.

Final Proof comes this week. I’ll keep you posted.