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I have submitted the second proof of the book, and I am eagerly awaiting my copies in the mail. I’m really hoping that I got all the typos and misplaced commas out of the manuscript because the waiting is killing me.  After receiving the first copy, I wanted to re-write every sentence of every story until someone reminded me that when making Born To Run, Springsteen kept wanting to fix it and add to it and change it, until Landau convinced him to put it out telling him, once it’s out you won’t be listening to it anyway. Pretty sage advice.

The other problem is that my new projects have stagnated while waiting to complete the book. One is a screenplay and the other is a full length novel, but I really can’t dive into them until I finally give birth to the book.

The screenplay is tentatively titled You and Me and You and You.  The idea was inspired by my good friends Brian and Richie, both of whom separately told me that if anything should happen to them, they would want me to raise their children. First of all, what a humbling and daunting responsibility, and secondly, they must be out of their minds.  But it inspired me to wonder, what if a selfish, narcisstic, playboy from Miami was suddenly given the responsibility of raising a 13 year old girl? How would he handle it?   I won’t give away any more details (since most of them havent been written yet), but I liken this to Juno meets the Brady Bunch. Coming soon to a multiplex near you.

Pretentious, is the story of  Zack Miller, an aging rock star who has lived in near-seclusion since the events of April 5, 1994.  At the time, he was recording his third record, titled Pretentious. It was so-named after a reviewer used the word to describe his 2nd record. Over the years, Pretentious has taken on the mythic proportions of other “lost” records like Smile, Chrome Dreams, and Chinese Democracy.  It isn’t until a drunken episode, recorded on TMZ, does the public find an renewed interest in the life of Zack Miller.

I hope you like it and I can’t wait to get started, and finished.

Hope to see you on Split Rock Road,