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I woke up this morning determined to sit down an write a well-thought, articulate, relevant blog item. Actually, I woke up only because I had to move the car for the street sweeper, but then I decided to write the articulate blog. I thought I would pick a relevant political topic, vent about it for 5 or 6 paragraphs, and then go back to bed. But then I got stuck, not writers block stuck, just stuck as in, what the hell should I write about?  Should I pick one topic and rant about it, say gun control, or gay marriage? What about the lack of civility in the media? That’s certainly relevant. It’s a little boring, but still. I thought about simply writing about the great divide between the right and the left, and how it affects our lives, until I realized, no one really cares.

Ah ha! That’s it. No one really cares. I mean, we say we care, but do we really? And if we don’t care, how did we get here?

Take obesity for example. Everyone in America is fat. OK, not everyone, but you know what I mean. Almost everyone. But some of these people are REALLY fat. Grotesquely fat. Morbidly fat.  The other day a friend of mine said, and quiet succinctly I might add, “This is the only country where more people will die of obesity than starvation.”

I mean, lots of people struggle with weight. I’ve been battling my waistline for the past year, simply because middle age is catching up with me and I can’t do the things I need to do to keep the weight off. Be that as it may, I can still tie my shoes and walk around the block a few times.

But it begs the question, how did it get this way?

My good friend Meg says it’s because we have become spiritually disconnected from God. I don’t disagree with her. Even as an 80/20 atheist, I think she might be onto something.  I say 80/20 because even though I don’t believe in a supreme god, I still pray a lot… just in case.

But lest you think that this is a rant about the godless fatties of the world, it’s not. For instance, litter. I despise litter. I try and pick up a piece of litter every single day. If everyone did that, the city would be spotless in a week. Of course, we’d have to get people to actually stop littering in the first place, but that’s a lot to ask in one column. But how did this litter get here and who is the culprit? I mean, it can’t all come from godless fat atheists, can it?  Did we simply stop caring about ourselves and our neighbors, to the point where we will destroy our neighborhoods and the world around us.

Recently, I saw a young man toss some trash into the street. In my arrogance, I said “Hey, you dropped something.”

He said, “No I didn’t. I threw it there.”

I said, “Why don’t you go litter in your own neighborhood.”

To which he replied. “I live right there.”

I can only imagine the look on my face.     You litter right in front of your house?

Once again, it begs the question,  How did we get here?

While I’m not guilty of littering, I am guilty of another transgression.

I see people talking on their cell phones while driving. It drives me insane. How arrogant can these people be? Don’t they know how dangerous it is?

The problem is, I’m guilty of doing it. Not all the time mind you. But I do it.  You see, I’m smarter then everyone else, so it’s ok. I pay really close attention to the road when I do it, and I only do it to answer calls, never to make them. Unless I really have to make a call. Sometimes I pull over to do it, unless I’m in a real hurry.

But I never text while driving. That’s where I draw the line.  But I will read a text on occasion.

This reminds me of Orwell’s Animal Farm. When they changed the commandment from “No animal shall sleep in a bed, to “Bed with Sheets.”

Ok, so the problem is fat, godless, text-driving, litterbugs. Whew. I’m glad that I was able to narrow that down.

But then there are the people that clip their toe nails on the train. Those people I really hate.

But it once again begs the question, How did we get here?