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As I’m sure you’ve already noticed, I have a brand new webpage, which I am going to use to promote my book and report on its progress. I’m sure that I will also use this forum to rant and rave as I usually do, but hopefully in a more articulate manner than I use on Facebook.  I also intend to post some of my screenplays here, which you can download and read at your leisure. If the mood strikes you, you can comment and rant as you see fit. Please feel free to mention this site to your friends and family and teachers and co-workers, strangers on the train, etc.

Currently, the first draft of the book is complete, and I received a lovely proof copy from the people at CreateSpace.  Of course I was proud and amazed for about 5 minutes, after which, I hated it. The picture was wrong, the typeset was terrible, the colors were blurry. Typical artist insecurity.  After I calmed down, I started to peruse the book, and I did find some legitimate errors and corrections that need to be made. Hopefully, I’ll have them completed by this weekend, at which point a second proof copy will be generated. If that goes well, then the book will go forward and hopefully be available on Amazon and Kindle in the next few weeks.  I am truly excited about this endeavor and I’m looking forward to getting some feedback from any and everyone that comes across the book.

I also want to thank all the people that have inspired and assisted me in this project, and I will do so as the project moves along, but first and foremost I want to thank Frank J. Reda for creating this site. He’s an amazing photographer and website creator and you can check out his work here:

If you are looking to start a website or blog, I would definitely recommend contacting him.


Until next time,

J. Mac