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Ok, so the first proof copy of the book came two weeks ago and it looked great. Really professional. I was really proud of my accomplishment until I started scanning for errors. I found a couple of formatting errors right away. Not a big deal, but then as I began to re-read the stories, that artistic doubt started to creep in. At first I just wanted to clean up some of the sentences, but the more I looked, the more I hated the stories. At one point I was ready to start over from scratch. Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed (not mine obviously) and I was able to chase away the demons and scale back my ambition. I did rearrange the running order of the stories, placing Love and Lizards up front, but other than that and some other cosmetic changes, the book is pretty much ready to go. I submitted a 2nd proof at about 5:15 this morning, and I should be receiving a new proof copy by mid-week. If that goes well (fingers crossed), the book should be available on Kindle by the end of next week, and hopefully physical copies on Amazon and CreateSpace the week after that.


Stay Warm kids.