Buster and Bella

Posted on August 7th, by James McAllen in Uncategorized. 1 Comment

It always starts out in an inauspicious manner. You meet someone new, and they wind up changing your entire world. In this case, the “someone new” is a Russian Blue named Buster.

A few weeks ago, my wife noticed a new addition among the backyard denizens that includes possums, an occasional raccoon, a family of Cardinals, and at least three different cats.

Make it four.

On the first encounter, Val was quick to note how beautiful the cat was; my response of course was, “Don’t feed it.”

Pretty soon, she started calling him Buster. “Hey buster. Whatcha doing Buster?” I knew we were in trouble. It was just a matter of time. After a few nights of investigation, Buster managed to break into the backyard trash container and help himself to the leftovers of … Read More »