OCD, can you see?

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Part 1. – Flight

So evidently the surgery I had last year to repair my sinus cavity and help drain the fluid from my ears didn’t work all that well, because the pain in my ears during the first leg of our flight to California was brutal.

Oh wait, let me start over. On monday, Valarie and I left for our tour of the California coast, starting with a two-flight trip to San Francisco. I booked the layover flight because the last time I was on a single flight for more than four hours, I nearly killed the 5-year-old that was kicking my seat for three hours. I also nearly killed the guy sitting next to me. He just happened to be my buddy who I was traveling with, but that’s an entirely different story.

In anticipation of the flight I – went … Read More »

Anybody wanna race?

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racist – noun – a person who believes that a particular race is superior to another.

Quite often we use words that we don’t actually know the meaning of. A racist is often portrayed as someone who hates people from other races, but that’s not the definition at all.

Is it wrong to think that people of African descent, ie, blacks, are better athletes than other races? Is it wrong to think that Romans, ie, Italians were better artists that other races? Is it wrong to think that Celtics, ie Irishmen were the greatest writers on the planet? Is it wrong to think the men are better at providing, and women are better at nurturing?

Am I a racist? Am I a sexist? Am I a bigot?

For the last week, we have been inundated with the images coming out of Ferguson, Missouri, site of … Read More »