Almost Famous…

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“No one came from miles around… and said ‘man, who’s he?’ ”    – Ian Gillan

The great thing about the mid-life crisis is that it forces you to find out who you really are. Some people go into that dark abyss and don’t come out, some come out an buy a sports car, some come out the other side looking tired and worn; while some come out looking like a shiny, new penny.
Right now, I’m somewhere in between, but the ride is pretty amazing.

After publishing Split Rock Road last year, the most popular question I heard was, “When is the next one coming out?” My usual answer is “soon”, but the truth is, maybe next year, maybe never. Writing the book was a dream fulfilled, and a wish crossed off the list. Then I moved onto other endeavors. Namely, the … Read More »

Back to the Garden…

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I can’t stand surprises. Valarie likes them. so every once in a while I like to plan a day without telling her. On Monday, I told her to pack a day bag and be ready to leave early Tuesday morning. I was planning to drive up to Bethel NY, to the site of the original Woodstock festival in August on 1969. The plan was to leave before 10 and get up there around noon.

I went out around 8 to put gas in the car and SURPRISE!

Flat tire.

I told you I hate surprises.

After muttering and cursing my fates, I headed over to the local tire shop where they told me that I needed a new tire.

“The tire is three weeks old. I ain’t buying a new tire.”

“Ok, we fix.”

When I get back to the house, Valarie has a frown bigger than … Read More »