Wherefore ART thou?

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“I only care about three things in life… Love, Art and Baseball.” – ┬áJ. McAllen 2014

Many years ago, I opened a fortune cookie and read my fortune – “You are a lover of all things artistic.”
I stuffed that into a notebook somewhere and I still come across it from time to time. It’s true. I’ve always considered artists to be on a higher plane than the regular schmucks that you meet on a day to day basis. And by artist, I mean anyone who creates or fixes something. The wood carpenter, he’s an artist. The auto-body mechanic, he’s an artist. The left-handed relief pitcher who gets by on guile and an 88 mph fastball, he’s an artist too. The guy calling me at 9 am to try and sell me some flea-ridden stock, he’s a parasite.
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Zombies, Scarface, and Carole

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So, after years of hearing how good The Walking Dead is, I finally took the plunge and started watching the first season. Needless to say, I was hooked from the first episode. I quickly discovered that I can’t watch the show while I’m eating dinner, lest some of the splattering blood land on my chicken cutlets. About a week into the 2nd season, I was watching an episode at 3am when the lights in my apartment went out. Now, the rational part of me knew that it was simply a case of the salt from all the snowstorms corroding the wires in the street, but that didn’t stop me from racing to the hall closet to get my trusty baseball bat and flashlight, and then methodically search the house for zombies.

No, Im not kidding.

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