Christmas, Montauk, and the end of Split Rock Road.

Posted on December 5th, by James McAllen in Uncategorized. 2 comments

2013 is winding down. Those of you who follow this blog know full well that it’s been an interesting year. Dare I say amazing?

I released a wonderful little book entitled Split Rock Road, and while the sales have not set the world on fire, it has been very well received. All in all, I’ve been very happy with the outcome. Two weeks ago, I took a writing trip to Montauk. It was only 24 hours, but I found it to be very productive and cathartic. I had set out to do some work on a novel that I had been working on for a few weeks. In the story, the protagonist drives out to Montauk to have a clandestine affair with a married, well-to-do socialite. When he arrives at the hotel, he finds her dead. This was going to be … Read More »