The End of the Road

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And on Tuesday morning, with the sky still black, I kissed Valarie goodbye and headed east, first stopping in Long Beach to visit some ghosts, and then continuing on unti I ran out of real esate. From one tip of the island to the other. By the way, Long Island is the longest, largest and most populous island in the lower 48. 118 miles from tip to tail. Guess it makes sense to call it Long Island.

When I arrived in Montauk, I drove straight to the point and stopped to take in the ocean. As I sat on a bench, looking out over towards Block Island, I noticed what I thought were five pieces of driftwood bobbing in the rough surf. Then they disappeared. When they resurfaced  30 yards away, it dawned on me what I was seeing; a group … Read More »

Love, loss and the fickle muse…

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When we last left our hero, he was $650 lighter after being rooked in a Craigslist ticket scam. At the time I was pissed beyond belief, but as it turns out, my blog entry for that week was read by 4 times as many people as would normally tune in. I simply posted a warning on Craigslist with a link to the page and VOILA! New readers. Hopefully, some of them will come back from time to time. I certainly could not have gotten that many readers if I had paid for $650 in advertising. Plus I got the added bonus of seeing the kid that beat me in handcuffs, so it wasn’t a total loss.

And of course, I got to go see Pearl Jam twice and they were amazing both times. The crowd in Brooklyn seemed a little more … Read More »