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Since starting this blog and website, I have gotten my fair share of hits, and more than a few comments. They are greatly appreciated. Even the hate mail. Actually, I love the hate mail, especially the mis-spellings. Don’t they see the red line?

Actually, spell-check has made me dumber. I used to take pride in my spelling. Now I don’t even try. I just give a close approximation of what I think the word sounds like, and then I let spell check do the rest. This is another sign of the apocalypse, an entire population that can’t write and can’t spell.

Today, while setting up for the next blog post, which will follow this one, I started reading some of the spam that WordPress filters out. Usually I just delete it, but today I decided to read it. Some of it is … Read More »

Son of a Gun

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This past week I got the chance to watch a vigorous gun debate between Michael Moore and S.E. Cupp on Bill Maher’s show. Now despite my unabashed crush on Miss Cupp, and my absolute distaste for anything Moore does, I found myself siding with that disgusting behemoth of a man. To a point.

Every since the news broke about the horrible events at Newtown Conn, the phrase gun control has been on the lips of every newscaster and ┬áthe front pages of every newspaper in the country. The only time that it isn’t in the forefront, is when they find something else to hang on Obama.

I am always fascinated why there is any debate about gun control at all. This is really the one issue where both sides of the aisle should be able to agree in about 15 minutes. But … Read More »

Do you know who I am?

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Or even more appropriately, Do I know who I am?

Or lastly, who the hell am I?

At least once a week, as part of my routine as a writer, I spend the day in the city, just watching. It’s something that I’ve always loved doing; just observing the world and taking in the people and letting my imagination roam. When I was younger, we used to play this game called, “What’s his story?”, where we would pick out a person, and based on their walk, or their clothes, or their manner of speech, we would make up a story about them. It was great fun, and an excellent training ground as a writer, plus there was also one other fact that made the whole thing interesting.

Everyone has a story. Even though most of the people that we see on a daily … Read More »

The Undoing of Barack Obama…

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For all intents and purposes, the Presidency of Barack Obama is over. While that might not be such a terrible revelation to some people, it means three more years of gridlock for most of us, and brings us three years closer to the end of the empire.

Before I start, let me set the record straight by saying that I did not vote for either Sen. Obama in 08′, or President Obama in 2012. It had nothing to do with him being a socialist, or a┬áMuslim, or a Kenyan or any of the hyperbole that republicans and conspiracy theorists were so quick to bandy about. I thought that he lacked experience on a supervisory and executive level and I think that I have been proven right. However, unlike most of the other incidents where I get to tell all of you … Read More »

Sex and the single, middle-aged, fat guy…

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I have been at a loss for blog topics over the past week, and I’m not ready to delve into the political arena, so I decided to share some of the dating secrets that I have amassed over the past 47 years. This post only pertains to sex and dating, being that I have no earthly clue how to maintain a healthy relationship.

Some of these observations are mine, some are stolen. I will try and note those that are not mine.

First of all, women want to have sex just as much as we do. They just have for more responsibility than we do, and don’t obsess as much. Generally women prefer, mind-blowing, window-rattling, multi-orgasmic sex. This is in short supply. Men would settle for a hand-job on the subway… from a stranger…

Sex with women under 30 is pretty much a … Read More »

Over Under Sideways Down

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It was the best of times… it was the worst of times.

In other words… what a week.

Last week and this week were supposed to be recovery time from my surgery. I thought that I would spend the time working on my next writing project, but I hadn’t really anticipated the level of fatigue that I encountered, or the complete lack of motivation that went with it. So rather than doubling my literary output, I watched a lot of bad movies. One of which was a Bradley Cooper flick called The Words. In a previous blog post I stated that I didn’t “Get” Cooper, so I’m not really sure why I had the movie on my netflix queue, but I did.

As it turns out, the premise of the movie was an idea that I had of my own making some 5 … Read More »

La Famiglia

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Liberty NY – I drove up north this morning with a heavy heart, returning to scene of my teenaged exile for the funeral of my mother’s older sister, Mary. No one called her Mary in my family, they called her Googie, for reasons that escaped me until today. It turns out that my grandfather, in his broken english, couldn’t properly pronounce Cookie, which was her nickname, so it came out, Googie. This is how legends are born.

She and her husband Bill, raised 6 children, all girls, who in turn produced 13 grandchildren and 10 more great-grandchildren. Dinners were crowded to say the least. My mother was one of eight, and I in turn was one of 23 grandchildren. Most families have a kid’s table at family dinner. We had two; the kids table and the teenagers table. By the time … Read More »