Two Doc con’t

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So I’m back from my ENT, and as can be expected, he thinks surgery is the best option. I wasn’t surprised by this decision, nor was I upset. After we spoke about the procedure he asked,

“Is there anything else you’d like me to do?”

“You mean, cosmetically?” I asked innocently.  “Well, he said. I see that it’s a bit crooked at the top. I could adjust that while I’m in there. Shave the bone and add some cartilage.”

“And that will give the appearance of being smaller?

“Oh no. It will be bigger.

BIGGER?  Are you serious?  I’ve been living with his Dago Proboscis for nearly 50 years and you want to make it bigger?

I’ll pass on the cosmetics, thank you.

Two Doc Day

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Ah yes, I’m up at this unusual hour because I have not one, but two doctors appointments in the city today. One with an allergist, and one with an ENT. The ENT is going to determine if my misspent youth is the cause of my breathing difficulties, and to see if surgery is the remedy. Maybe I should have him shave down my nose while he’s in there. Maybe I’ll get Depp’s nose, or Pitt’s. God knows I’ve been living with Sean Penn’s nose for long enough. I’m not really looking forward to battling the early morning subway cretins either, but off I go. I’ll update you all later.

See ya in heaven,
J. Mac

Day One

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As I’m sure you’ve already noticed, I have a brand new webpage, which I am going to use to promote my book and report on its progress. I’m sure that I will also use this forum to rant and rave as I usually do, but hopefully in a more articulate manner than I use on Facebook.  I also intend to post some of my screenplays here, which you can download and read at your leisure. If the mood strikes you, you can comment and rant as you see fit. Please feel free to mention this site to your friends and family and teachers and co-workers, strangers on the train, etc.

Currently, the first draft of the book is complete, and I received a lovely proof copy from the people at CreateSpace.  Of course I was proud and amazed for about 5 minutes, after … Read More »