And just like that… it was over

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Today’s blog is written in the third person…. just because


The alarm went off at 2pm, the exact time that he set it to go off, the exact time he had planned on getting up, only now, he wanted to sleep. The urgency of the moment was no longer upon him, but his commitment remained. Reluctantly, he slid out of bed and dragged his tired body to the living room.

Twenty-seven years prior, on the same day, he dragged his tired, hungover body, out of his mother’s apartment, and headed out into the street. When he reached 3rd avenue, he bought a 16oz can of Budweiser, and despite the lack of nourishment in his system, he started the cycle all over again. His memory of the majority of that day is non-existent.

On this particular day, he quickly turned on the t.v., knowing … Read More »