Split Rock – Revisited

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On Friday, at 4am, our adventure begins.

For the past 30 plus years, myself and a group of industrious outdoorsmen, venture forth on Memorial Day Weekend, to re-connect with nature in a way that most Americans never get the chance to…

Ok, yeah… That’s bullshit…

So back in 1981, my friends and I jumped into the car of the only person with a license and drove to the Pocono’s to meet up with our buddy who spent his summers at his family’s summer house. We then proceeded to camp out in the woods and get piss drunk for the next 3 days. I don’t remember much. I know that I was scared of the dark, and we had only one flashlight. I think I might have slept in the car one of the nights.

We kept going back to the Pocono’s a couple of … Read More »

Hey… Where ya been?

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And just like that… 6 weeks has passed since my last post…

To those of you who follow my blog, I apologize, but life has a tendency to speed up as we grow up. Once you hit 40, it only gets faster.

To begin with, yesterday was the first day of my 12 day vacation. In short, I need it desperately. I’m not burnt out, but I’m certainly worn down, and as a result, my writing has suffered. Scratch that, it has disappeared. Having said that, don’t feel bad for me, things are good right now. Really good. I’m starting to edge my way out of the financial hole that I found myself in, and I’ve been cramming as much “living” into my free time as I possibly can. Writing just hasn’t been a part of it.

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